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This page is being served from my Mac OS computer. A Flower Power iMac running at 600mhz.

I am connected to the Internet with a Cable Modem. 1.5meg down to me, and about 300K out to you.

My OTHER Home Page Hosted at Apple

I graduated from Zweibrucken American High School in Germany in 1971.

On the far right is a picture of me.

On the far left is a picture of my wife's Grand Parents!

In the CENTER of all things is my Wife!!!

And next to here is my Daughter with her friend Santa!

My Time At The SHED!

And don't forget to Visit Andrea's Zweibrucken Home page!

Symbols Of Zweibrucken Germany

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8.4 Kb JPEG

Some Pictures From Zweibrucken Germany From 1971

Misc. Pictures

Brought to you by: WWW.MAC-GUY.GEN.FL.US

Some Pictures From Zweibrucken Germany Taken By Bobbie in 2002

Misc. Pictures From Bobbie

Pages From Zweibrucken American High School's First Year Book - Folio 1971

Cover Thru Page 16
Administration And Faculty - Pages 17 thru 26
Classes Page 27
7th Grade - Pages 28 thru 32
8th Grade - Pages 33 thru 38
Freshmen - Pages 39 thru 46
Sophmores - Pages 47 thru 54
Juniors - Pages 55 thru 64
Seniors - Pages 65 thru 79
Student Life - Pages 80 thru 118
Football - Pages 81 thru 87
Cross Country Pages 88 thru 89
Varsity Wrestling - Pages 90 thru 92
Basketball - Pages 93 thru 95
Junior varsity Basketball - Pages 96 thru 97
Varsity CheerLearders - Pages 98 thru 99
Junior Varsity Cheerleaders - Page 100
Activities - Pages 101 thru 107
Homecoming Queen & Queen's Court - Pages 108 thru 111
Sadie Hawkins Dance - Pages 112 thru 115
Leftovers - Pages 116 thru 118
Last - Pages 119 thru 120

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