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Just so that there is something here for you to read I'll tell you a little bit about how I have automated my home. For security reasons I will not tell you anything about my security system except to say that it to is well automated.

The first things that I automated were lights. My house is never dark when I come home. At a random time after sunset my exterior flood lights start to come on. The front and rear porch lights turn on to 50 percent brightness. The inside hall and living room lights also come on at 50 percent. There are many small "RF" (Radio Frequency) sensors through out my house. Althought I have choosen to have the lights turned on manually they will automatically shut themselves OFF if there is NO activaty in the room for 15 minutes. During the work week I have the bath room, the hall lights, and the kitchen lights, turn on at 50 percent brightness about 15 minutes before the alarm goes off.

I have a ceiling fan in the garage that comes on when anyone comes near the washer and dryer and OFF when they leave.

My system sends me pages and emails based on certain events. For example, it sent me pages every 15 mintues the day my A/C broke when the inside temperature reached 90 degrees.

I can go to any web browser and control any light in my house.

The Macintosh system that is doing all of this is a Performa 6115CD, running at 66Mhz with 72 meg of RAM memory, and a 350 meg hard drive.

The Macintosh that is serving up this web page is NOT that Mac there fore the table below is NOT filled in with any data. I'm working on that.

So to para phrase someone else, "What do you want your Mac to control today?"

To learn more about this be sure to check out:

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