Whistle Blower 2.1.1 Status Report.
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BCC-N.Math.SCI(AppleShareIP File Service)
Last Checked: 8:06:14 PM
98.52% Uptime.
Status: Next Check: 8:36:14 PM
Last Checked: 8:06:37 PM
98.77% Uptime.
Status: Next Check: 8:36:37 PM
Last Checked: 8:07:19 PM
99.02% Uptime.
Status: Next Check: 8:37:19 PM
Last Checked: 8:24:31 PM
52.34% Uptime.
Status: Next Check: 8:34:31 PM

A green background shows a task that is responding properly.

Yellow background indicates that the server has had failures to respond but is currently responding ok.
Or that a site has stopped responding but has not yet reached the number of failures in a row to indicate a failure.

A red background indicates a server that is not reponding and has triggered an action.

Log File:
2001/01/01 12:36:29 BCC-WWW Failure to respond.
2001/01/01 12:36:02 BCPS-DNS Failure to respond.
2001/01/01 12:35:12 BCPS-WWW Failure to respond.
2001/01/01 12:35:11 BCC-WWW Failure to respond.
2001/01/01 12:35:10 BCC-N.Math.SCI Failure to respond.
2001/01/01 12:34:15 BCPS-DNS Failure to respond.
2001/01/01 12:32:57 BCPS-DNS Email queued to: fleisch@ispchannel.com
2001/01/01 12:32:57 BCPS-DNS Failure to respond.
2000/12/31 14:58:27 Application Startup.
2000/12/17 14:10:42 Application Startup.